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Dismay is a first-person psychological horror game, which follows the story of a detective, who is investigating an abandoned mansion. Discover clues, solve complex and unique puzzles and uncover the mysteries of the mansion. You must survive while being chased by a nearly invincible monster hiding in the shadows. Use your environment to hide the thing trying to kill you, and slow them down.


In the remote mountains of New York State, a forest filled with unspeakable horrors waits for its next unlucky victim. A long-abandoned mansion that once belonged to a rich businessman, who went missing from his home, is the main focus of several missing person cases. Detective Alaina Mckinney travels to the nightmare forest to uncover the mystery of the forest and what happened to the missing people. Her only hope of escaping lies with the terrible truth at the heart of the mansion.


The game is set inside a small abandoned mansion. Explore the mansion to solve the mystery and discover what happened to the missing people. As you wander the lonely corridors and explore every inch of the mansion, you will learn about the mansion's dark secrets and uncover the fates of the missing souls.