Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Reece Gardener, and I am a Game Designer / Programmer from Scotland. I have recently finished my final year at Abertay University and am ready to work in the industry and make amazing games. I have experience using Unity and Unreal Engine in my personal, student and game jam projects. I also have experience with making Fortnite maps using UEFN. I have a passion for creating games and I am always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow as a developer.

Recent Projects

Here are some of the projects I have worked on recently. To check out more of my projects click portfolio in the navbar.

The Redfield Mall (2024)

The Redfield Mall

Links: Itch.io Page

This project was for my 4th year Honours Project and it was focused on creating an unpredictable AI. I also created a simple game prototype to showcase the AI.

Project Type: Student

Platforms: PC

Team Size: Sole

Project Length: ~9 months

Engine and tools: Unreal, Blender, Blueprints

Dismay (2024)


Links: Itch.io Logo Steam Logo Epic Games Store Logo

As this is a solo project I did all of the programming and level design. Some of the assets where bought from the Unreal Marketplace or Megascans and some where created by me

Project Type: Personal and Commercial

Studio: Reeryte

Platforms: PC

Team Size: Solo

Project Length: Still In-Development

Engine and tools: Unreal, Blender, Blueprints, C++

Toy Train Simulator (2023)

Toy Train Simulator

Links: Itch.io Page

I implemented the gameplay into the levels, helped with the train controls and implemented the UI.

Project Type: Student

Studio: PumpkinHead Productions, Rivet Games (Client)

Platforms: PC

Team Size: 6

Project Length: 14 weeks

Engine and tools: Unreal, Blender, Blueprints

Soulless (2022)


Links: Link to Build

My job was to program the player controller, the pause menu and the main menu.

Platforms: PC

Team Size: 7

Project Length: 14 weeks

Engine and tools: Unity, C#

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